Delivery Service Provider

SAP EWM ABAP Delivery Service Provider

36 page PDF document

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Service Providers – one of the new functionalities offered by the SAP Extended Warehouse Management.

SAP EWM provides a huge amount of standard functionalities we can make use of – and one of those functions are so the Service Provider Classes.

In this SAP ABAP code manual we want to give you some examples of how to properly use these functions for determining Outbound Delivery Order data. Because once you understand how those Service Providers work you will be able to integrate them in your own SAP EWM ABAP programs.

This manual is in no form a copy and paste type of manual but a manual to give you an idea of how the Service Providers offer a good and standardized way to determine delivery or order data without having to write own Select statements from scratch.

The example coding you can find our manual provides almost all information display in the /SCWM/PRDO GUI.

So we hope you find this manual useful and we hope you enjoy learning a bit more about the Service Provider Functionalities – your KnowYourEWM Team.